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Our Business

Repairing stuffed animals. “Dr. Stuffed Animals”

Think as
Stuffed animals are “Family”
Reparing staff is “Doctor”
Reparing is “Medical Care”,
we are taking care of your memorable stuffed animals.
Our specialized staff will be asking your request and checking condition and get the best solution by hand.

Giving your family a confort and healing!

For more details, please check our website “Dr. Stuffed Animals”

Import/Export Business

Still there are many valuable Japanese culture not yet known around the world.
And vise versa, we do not know about.
We, Delight Makers INC, as pioneer, will find and share unknown cultures with you.

For latest information, please check on “Information” for updates.

Our Business
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ぬいぐるみの修理はお任せ ぬいぐるみのお医者さん
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